SKUPIONA 2 LOK. 37, 93-323 ŁÓDŹ
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SKUPIONA 2 LOK. 37, 93-323 ŁÓDŹ

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Assistance Legal and Insurance Law Firm was established in 2014. Its founder is Przemysław Dobrowolski, who has been cooperating with the business market since 2002. He gained professional experience working in the telecommunications, financial and insurance industries.

Our team is People! Professionals! Outstanding specialists in the Legal and Insurance industry, who create two separate departments: Legal and Insurance.


We deal with professional representation of people who are injured as a result of traffic accidents and other fortuitous events, in matters of compensation and compensation from insurance companies and other entities responsible for the damage.

The Law Firm provides the following scope of services:

  • Providing the necessary legal advice regarding the admissibility or legitimacy of claiming the entity obliged to repair the damage,
  • Completion of documentation related to the accident, including necessary expert opinions and decisions of medical examiners
  • Handling a claim for compensation and / or redress at the liquidation stage, as well as in court and enforcement proceedings,
  • Supervising the process of determining and paying benefits by insurers,
  • Verification of the benefits or benefits already granted,
  • Keeping a case after refusing to pay compensation and in cases when the amount of compensation is reduced.

The Law Firm's offer is addressed to people involved in a traffic accident, as a driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or other road traffic participant and people who lost a close family member as a result of an accident. The Law Office also deals with claims for damages caused by other fortuitous events such as accident at work, an accident on a farm, falling over a slippery or damaged road surface, hitting a hole in the roadway.

The Law Firm conducts proceedings comprehensively, both at the stage of liquidation proceedings before the insurance company or another entity obliged to repair the damage and at the stage of court proceedings, until its final termination.

The Law Firm does not charge any initial fees for verifying and conducting the case!


We provide comprehensive insurance support for enterprises, institutions, sole proprietorships and individual clients.

Using our knowledge and experience in the Insurance industry. We help our clients quickly and "painlessly" to go the way, from the emergence of the insurance idea, in the client's head by choosing the most favorable insurance option to conclude the policy. But also in the case of damage, insurance event, our clients are covered by professional legal and insurance help of the law firm, in all actions related to the occurrence of damage, insurance incident until the end of proceedings and payment of compensation if the claim was justified and secured by the scope of the policy.

As part of a comprehensive insurance policy, our clients can take advantage of:

- Insurance consultancy regarding:

  • Choosing a variant and insurance scope that will fully cover the subject of insurance,
  • Legal and Insurance Analysis of insurance offers offered by Insurance Companies operating on the Polish market (analysis of general conditions, insurance scope, etc.)
  • Analysis of existing / concluded insurance policies of clients by independent insurance experts in terms of insurance coverage, general insurance conditions, and satisfying the client's current insurance needs.

What insurance contracts can be concluded with us through:

I Contracts related to private property

  • Home, flat insurance
  • Household insurance
  • Liability insurance in private life
  • Insurance related to traveling abroad.
  • Agricultural insurance
  • Accident insurance - family, individual
  • Individual and family health insurance
  • Car insurance in the scope of - OC, AC, NNW, Assistance, Legal Protection

II. Contracts related to private life and health of adults and children

  • Life insurance: timely or indefinite. SU payment (sum insured) in case of death due to natural causes and following an accident
  • Insurance in the event of death following an accident
  • Insurance in the event of a serious illness in one of the defined diseases
  • Insurance against incapacity for independent existence
  • Insurance in the event of surgical treatment as a result of an accident
  • Insurance in case of a stay in a hospital following an accident
  • Insurance for damage to health as a result of an accident
  • Temporary incapacity to work due to an accident

III. Agreements related to the storage of capital

  • Deposits of capital with guaranteed capital in the event of survival until the end of the policy
  • Building capital, which can be an addition to a pension received from ZUS (without Belka's tax)
  • Depositing capital for a start in "adult life" for children (in the case of the death of a parent, Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe takes over the payment of contributions)

IV. Agreements related to running a business

  • Insurance of company assets: buildings, buildings, machinery, equipment, turnover funds, electronic equipment, financial guarantees / bid bond, good performance of the contract ...... ../
  • Business insurance against loss of profit
  • Machine insurance
  • Insurance of construction risks
  • Insurance of machinery and construction equipment
  • Insurance of assembly risks
  • Civil liability insurance in connection with the business
  • Civil liability insurance for members of the Management Board and Supervisory Boards
  • Group employee insurance: from accidents, classic group insurance - NW, childbirth, death of parents, in-laws ..., related to travel abroad, health
  • Employee pension scheme - voluntary retirement, PPE employs / pays a contribution / participants are employees - funds accumulated in PPE are exempt from "Belka tax"
  • Insurance of partners in the event of death

  • Insurance of Tax Disputes Cost - we cover the costs of tax dispute handling - the only offer in Poland
  • Medical insurance: civil liability voluntary and obligatory for doctors, civil liability voluntary and compulsory for NZOZ, legal protection for doctors and NZOZ
  • Liability insurance for accountants, including legal expenses
  • Property insurance in transport - cargo
  • Third-party liability insurance of road carriers
  • Property insurance packages: for pharmacies, car dealerships, housing communities and cooperatives, medicine - for doctors and other medical and medical staff, for bakeries, hotels and boarding houses, for building depots
  • Commercial credit insurance / receivables / with the possibility of debt collection. Recently expanded offer to insure against employee misappropriation / abuse?

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"ASSISTANCE" Kancelaria Prawno-Ubezpieczeniowa Przemysław Dobrowolski






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ul. Skupiona 2/37, 93-323 Łódź


Przemysław Dobrowolski

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66.22.Z - Activities of insurance agents and brokers

46.19.Z - Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods

69.10.Z - Legal activities

70.21.Z - Public relations and communication activities

70.22.Z - Business and other management consultancy activities


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