Alina Daribazaron
ul. Józefa Łepkowskiego 8 Lok. 31, 31-423 Kraków
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Alina Daribazaron
TAX ID6772282935
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ul. Józefa Łepkowskiego 8 Lok. 31, 31-423 Kraków

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MALPISZON.PL specializes exclusively on home gymnastic ladders intended for children and parents. They provide movement and fun in one! They stand out among the rich offer on the market with their robustness, saturated colors and a varied offer of accessories.


A gymnastic ladder in a child's room is a way to have easy morning gymnastics without compulsion, to do exercises in a break between lessons, to pull a child away from a computer or TV set and to prevent posture defects. Prevention of postural defects consists in providing the child with enough movement that promotes the child's comprehensive and harmonious physical development.

That's why we sell gymnastic ladders to the room at

We recommend it because we use it ourselves and know what is good for our children.


The installation of the ladder does not require drilling of the side wall, the ladders become spaced between the floor and the ceiling. A ladder version with side wall mounting is also available. The ladders are solid and aesthetically made, have vivid colors and additional equipment that diversify the fun - gymnastic rings, gymnastic rope, trapeze, rope ladder, etc. The lowest ladder has a height of 2.08 m, the highest can reach even the ceiling height of 3.29 m .

The product is CE-certified.

Gymnastic ladders offered by :

  • loved by kids,
  • they exercise all muscles, they provide fun,
  • solidly made, 15 years of experience,
  • European quality certificate,
  • safe: accessible entry limiter,
  • simple assembly, do not damage walls,
  • strong metal posts, massaging steps,
  • many elements: trapeze, rope, rings, etc.
  • allowed load 100 kg - for the whole family,
  • 100% satisfaction with ladders!


Gymnastic ladders

Metal gymnastic ladders are the basis of every gymnastic set offered by Steps of ladders have a rubber covering with protrusions whose task is to massage the surface of the feet. The ladders can be mounted to the side wall or positioned between the floor and the ceiling. The lowest ladder has a height of 2.08 m, the highest can reach even the ceiling height of 3.29 m.

Gymnastic sets

The basis of each gymnastic set is a metal ladder. The ladder is supplemented with additional suspension equipment such as gymnastic rings, rope and trapeze, rope ladder, spiderweb, post with connector, hose, etc. offers 10 different models of gymnastic sets.

Pull rods

The pull-up bar mounted directly to the wall can also be equipped with suspended equipment.

Home fitness

The Teenager gymnastic set is a set intended for young people and adults who would like to create at home comfortable conditions for exercise, and at the same time use the surfaces optimally. The ladder is completed with a bench, raised handrails and a stand for the neck. Gymnastic mattresses

For each set purchased, we recommend a gymnastic mattress , which will ensure safety while using a gymnastic ladder. Mattresses in themselves provide children with great fun, liberate a lot of energy and ideas for fun. There are various colors, yellow corner options and anti-slip bottoms, as well as custom-made mattresses.

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MAŁPISZON Alina Daribazaron


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ul. Józefa Łepkowskiego 8/31, 31-423 Kraków





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ul. Józefa Łepkowskiego 8/31, 31-423 Kraków

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