AKM odwierty dla pomp ciepła
Leśna 36, 47-370 Zielina
TAX ID7560010351
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AKM odwierty dla pomp ciepła
TAX ID7560010351
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Leśna 36, 47-370 Zielina

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For many years, AKM Michoń has been specializing in drilling wells for heat pumps in the most effective form as deep wells for heat pumps. Bores for heat pumps are made using the latest technologies that guarantee durability and reliability of installation for many years. The drill rigs that we use in our operation are the professional COMACCHIO latest track drill rigs, which have a compact design and excellent traction parameters, thanks to which they are able to work in various areas. Our company performs drilling throughout Poland, mainly in the areas of Opolskie, Małopolskie, Dolnośląskie, Śląskie and Lubuskie voivodships. We make wells for heat pumps for individual, institutional and church investors, and above all, we cooperate with companies from the installation industry.

Bores for heat pumps. Geothermal drilling. Boreholes. Under these names colloquially, there are lower sources for heat pumps that are the heart of a heating system with a heat pump. It is from them that the quality of the heat pump's operation depends. The high quality of well drilling is the key to the subsequent, efficient operation of the heat pump. Therefore, special care should be taken to ensure that the wells are drilled by a professional drilling company with appropriate knowledge and specialist equipment.

Finished holes (drills) are built-up with modern collectors specialized in this field of the Swedish MUOVITECH concern, providing a 50-year warranty on the tightness of collectors.

We provide you with a team of highly qualified specialists with professional knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. As a result, the implementation of lower sources for heat pumps runs quickly and efficiently, and the high quality of drilling services provided by our company will allow us to enjoy the correct operation of heat pumps.

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Marcin Michoń AKM MICHOŃ


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ul. ks. Koziołka 4, 47-303 Krapkowice





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sole proprietorship

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ul. ks. Koziołka 4, 47-303 Krapkowice

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ul. Domaniówek 11, 55-216 Domaniów


Marcin Michoń

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68.20.Z - Rental and operating of own or leased real estate

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