Akademia Koszykówki w Poznaniu
UL.NA MIASTECZKU 12A LOK.6, 61-144 Poznań
TAX ID7822570000
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Akademia Koszykówki w Poznaniu
TAX ID7822570000
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UL.NA MIASTECZKU 12A LOK.6, 61-144 Poznań



About us

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Basketball Academy is the perfect place for your child!

First and foremost, these are sports activities and movement games (mainly general development with basketball elemets) for the youngest (from 2-9 years). As trainers and athletes, we know how important it is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age and we are here to help you. We want to teach children how to spend time actively, we want to infect with passion for sports including basketball, free positive emotions and teach basic values ​​such as respect, courage and being fair and all in the wonderful atmosphere of their peers. Our trainers and instructors strive to make every child in our club feel satisfied, satisfied and enjoy as much fun as possible. We do not forget about those who would like to develop their careers in old age. The Basketball Academy opens the door to sports development in the best basketball clubs in Poland, including Pyra Poznań (boys) and Muks Poznań (Girls), which will allow them to develop their active passions and allow them to take part in real league floors.

Basketball Academy is mainly

  • Generally-organized activities and games with basketball elements for children
  • Professional trainers
  • Great atmosphere and new friendships
  • Safety and smile of your child
  • Possibility to develop sports dreams in the best clubs in Poland
  • Cooperation with a physiotherapist and psychologist

Save your child today!

www.akademiakoszykowki.poznan.pl or tel 605-222613

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Akademia Koszykówki w Poznaniu


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UL.NA MIASTECZKU 12A LOK.6, 61-144 Poznań





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UL.NA MIASTECZKU 12A LOK.6, 61-144 Poznań


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