Skarbimierzyce 23, 72-002 Skarbimierzyce
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TAX ID8512192136
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Skarbimierzyce 23, 72-002 Skarbimierzyce

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1.6/ 5.0
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Jakub Bekasiewicz 2021-08-05 19:29:05
I bought the quad axle from the seller, it turned out that it does not fit my model, I returned the goods intact. The seller does not want to return the money for the purchased goods.
Małgorzata Rzata 2021-08-02 13:06:09
I do not recommend. Scooter purchased in May 2020. Constant battery problems! The seller is not responding to messages!
Andrzej Nowicki 2021-06-18 16:03:43
I strongly advise against and I warn you do not buy anything, they are nice even when you buy and this is just the beginning
By all means, the company and its approach to business can be specific and service at the highest level. recommend
Piotr Januszewski 2020-04-21 09:46:40
DRAMA. It's a pity I didn't read the reviews before - and I cut myself on them too. On the invoice, the seller says that there is no warranty or guarantee. SKIP WIDE ARCH! An arrogant seller, he does not feel any responsibility for his actions, I met such a company for the first time
Jarosław Niewiarowski 2020-02-26 11:59:36
I'm a little bit different. Service at the highest level. Scooter revelation. The website covers everything like no other. I even received a phone number for a service technician and also helped me during work.
We are looking for people / companies wronged by this company. Generally, we DO NOT RECOMMEND purchases or cooperation with this company, every transaction is associated with PROBLEMS! Guarantee or customer service is a big shame AROGANCY Owner and terribly rude. Calling him when there was a problem with scooters, he was always on vacation. And he didn't know how to get rid of the problem. He gave the number to a mechanic who was not very knowledgeable. In general, I do not recommend because you will be cheated just like us. Finally, the owner of the company declined the warranty and warned in the future about problems with servicing the equipment. New equipment, i.e. they are 3 months old and told to contact his lawyers. Of course, we go to court and look for more people. All victims in any way please contact me *********************
Artur Sobieraj 2019-08-08 12:07:19
I sent the board 3 months after purchasing the charger, the batteries were replaced for my expense because it was found out of my fault, but the charger was not returned after attempts to recover it, I was named by the service manager mentally ill I would not recommend to anyone
By this company I had to pay back some subsidies In April I paid an advance for the purchase of a go-cart buggy, the seller repeatedly postponed the delivery date. After resigning from the purchase, I can not get my advance. Do not trust this company, I was cheated by her.
Piotr Wysocki 2019-06-19 15:49:04
The company is a total bottom and seaweed. The session of his education ended long ago in junior high school. Sending son's skateboard on the warranty after 6 months from the purchase it turned out that the warranty does not cover the battery replacement. Damage from my fault. Coming to the service, you can not prove me I ruined. Selling a skateboard in the description of May that the battery is Samsung, what is the origin of the unknown manufacturer. Total DEBI works on the site ...... Avoid buying from this seller as far as possible
jolanta judek 2019-05-10 03:57:22
masakra.właściciele vulgar not from this planet-the third world.Zero contact, warranty repair payna.Nie buy nothing from this company because they will be troublesome - pity that I have not read the review before making a purchase - there is no positive assessment of the company. Tragedy !!!
Grzegorz Krzysztof 2019-05-03 06:36:00
So yes, I bought a child's motorcycle for almost 1000 PLN, the motork came with a cracked rear fender only in a metal frame and I know very well how the transport company could damage it but ok it does not matter so the motor had to be after a zero view everything had buc carefully checked and tightened, it was enough to tighten the steering wheels and set up a wheel (according to what the seller wrote on the site), so I made the steering wheel, the front fender, and the other cover off the steering wheel. The child went to the yard happy and then suddenly after 3 minutes I do not want an ambulance, I unscrewed the rack at the back on the wheel, I took off the rear cover, tightened the bolt, I put on a chain that fell. I turned off and the kid drove, immediately after 50 meters he lost a battery basket because I loosened the screws and I screwed up my screws again, 4 minutes drive and the cone is broken again and there are no 2 screws. Well, I am calling calmly to the honorable gentleman, what to do, how do I get to see the motor in this motorcycle? And he says to me that he is not a mechanic and that he will give me a number to the mechanic that he is a salesman and he does not know it and that it sir off because I could not fix it all, that it's my fault and that I will return it to him if it has been used, it will deduct the values and give the money back. I talked to him for a while, but let me say briefly, do not trust this company with one big bottom and a fraud, not even a warranty card. Do not buy with todda.
Jan Kowalski 2019-04-27 10:15:52
The seller does not have a vehicle sold on site, no possibility of seeing and driving a vehicle. "It is best to book"
Paweł Zając 2018-12-11 14:38:20
I bought the Atv Access Pitbull Quad for 19,000 zlotys in 2015. Service level simply TRAGEDIA! Below the bottom. It was supposed to be a two-year warranty Ie (24 months). Obviously, it turned out that the Quad is flooded with a bad coolant, which caused additional costs. After half a year, when Quad broke down, it turned out that the guarantee for them is 3 months so for any help on their part there is nothing to count on. As you kindly answered the phone, he immediately began to argue.TRAGEDIA !. Later I found out from the Lord that for taking care of the part he takes 100% of the margin which, of course, he finally did not settle. I do NOT recommend anything in this company to buy!
Paulina Łukaszyk 2018-09-21 10:00:31
I bought this company in the quad Baggy 80 for a child. Price 1999zł. the vehicle had to be ready for use. As it turned out to be defective. Seller for a few months he avoided contact and showed good will to solve the problem. currently at 6 months no successful attempts to solve the problem reported the matter to the Regional Inspectorate of Trade Inspection in Szczecin. (Authority empowered to manage the affairs of a seller of land information is important for other buyers. I would not recommend. They did not respond to phone calls, did not respond to text messages.
Krystyna Mozolewska 2018-05-18 14:43:44
I bought this company hoverboard for 749 zł. After the first charge turned out to be probably one of the battery will not charge. It happens. I sent for repair under warranty today April 10 May 18 hoverboard few that did not come back after the repair is more than a week I hear, of course, if they take kindly call me that tomorrow will be sent. It continues tomorrow since last week. The first time I meet with such contempt. On the SMS they do not, do not answer the phone.
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