ADS Professional
ul. Długa 7, 05-090 Rszyn, Podolszyn Nowy
TAX ID7751328503
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ADS Professional
TAX ID7751328503
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ul. Długa 7, 05-090 Rszyn, Podolszyn Nowy


About us

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We are a company dealing in the sale of professional cleaning products. We import products from Lucart - an Italian producer of high quality towels, toilet paper, towel rolls and ZZ (Hygienius, Smile, Strong Lucart, Eco Lucart, Eco Natural Lucart). Quality compared to TORK and Kimberly - Clarc. Our offer includes basic household chemistry products, but also professional chemistry. The offer is addressed to: cleaning companies, production and service facilities, car wash, restaurants and hotels, schools, offices, etc.

Activity type

wholesaler, distributor, service provider

Register Data

Full name

ADS Professional Anna Pietrzak


Correspondence address

Długa 7, 05-090 Podolszyn Nowy





Legal form

sole proprietorship Registration Date


Register Address

ul. Długa 7, 05-090 Podolszyn Nowy


Anna Pietrzak

Marriage Contract


Date of commencement of activity in CEIDG




Pkd codes

47.75.Z - Retail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles in specialised stores

33.12.Z - Repair and maintenance of machinery

46.34.B - Wholesale of non-alcoholic beverages

46.36.Z - Wholesale of sugar and chocolate and sugar confectionery

46.37.Z - Wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices

46.44.Z - Wholesale of china, ceramics and glassware and cleaning materials

46.46.Z - Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods

46.49.Z - Wholesale of other household goods

46.66.Z - Wholesale of other office machinery and equipment

46.69.Z - Wholesale of other machinery and equipment

46.75.Z - Wholesale of chemical products

46.90.Z - Non-specialised wholesale trade

47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

53.10.Z - Postal activities under universal service obligation (public operator)

58.19.Z - Other publishing activities

62.01.Z - Computer programming activities

70.22.Z - Business and other management consultancy activities

77.11.Z - Rental and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles

77.29.Z - Rental and leasing of other personal and household goods

77.33.Z - Rental and leasing of office machinery and equipment, including computers

77.39.Z - Rental and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods not elsewhere classified

78.30.Z - Other human resources provision

81.21.Z - General cleaning of buildings

85.59.B - Other out-of-school forms of education, not elsewhere classified

95.22.Z - Repair and maintenance of household appliances and home and garden equipment


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