Adamr Projekt
Stanisławowo 74 C, 05-180 Stanisławowo
TAX ID5311334935
Phone+48 798 439 719
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Adamr Projekt
TAX ID5311334935
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Stanisławowo 74 C, 05-180 Stanisławowo

Phone number

+48 798 439 719

About us

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For 15 years, we have been increasing our knowledge and experience for our clients.

In our projects the most important is professionalism certified by numerous certificates. The products that leave our factory are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship. We offer comprehensive service. From order through measurements, design, implementation and delivery of the product to the customer. All our products are covered by a guarantee *

Our goal is to create a place where nothing is impossible! Only the imagination of the customer is a limitation in implementation.


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Range of welding services:

  • sheet from 0.8 mm to the maximum thickness of black and acid steel
  • aluminum from 1 cm to maximum thickness
  • Welding for tightness supported
  • We weld black and acid steel
  • We weld aluminum
  • We weld brass

We offer:

  • steel structures
  • furniture,
  • balustrades,
  • spiral staircase
  • subassemblies for industrial constructions
  • components for machines
  • Unusual orders for customer's visions

Register Data

Full name

1/ Ryszard Stępniewski Wspólnik Spółek Cywilnych ADMAR-PROJEKT s.c. i BORSUK-PALET S.C.


Correspondence address

74C, 05-180 Stanisławowo





Legal form

sole proprietorship Registration Date


Register Address

74C, 05-180 Stanisławowo

Addressing an additional place of business

ul. Parkowa 34, 06-150 Świercze


Ryszard Stępniewski

Marriage Contract


Date of commencement of activity in CEIDG



Wyłącznie w formie spółki

Pkd codes

25.62.Z - Mechanical working of metal elements

25.11.Z - Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures

25.12.Z - Manufacture of metal elements of building woodwork

25.50.Z - Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy

25.61.Z - Treatment and coating of metals

25.91.Z - Manufacture of metal containers

25.92.Z - Manufacture of metal packaging

25.93.Z - Manufacture of wire products,chains and springs

25.94.Z - Manufacture of fasteners and screws

25.99.Z - Manufacture of other fabricated metal products not elsewhere classified

28.11.Z - Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines

28.12.Z - Manufacture of fluid power equipment

28.13.Z - Manufacture of other pumps and compressors

28.14.Z - Manufacture of other taps and valves

28.15.Z - Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements

28.21.Z - Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners

28.22.Z - Manufacture of lifting equipment and gripping devices

28.23.Z - Manufacture of office machinery and equipment, except computers and peripheral equipment

28.24.Z - Manufacture of power-driven hand tools

28.25.Z - Manufacture of industrial cooling and ventilation equipment

28.29.Z - Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery notelsewhere classified

28.30.Z - Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery

28.41.Z - Manufacture of metal forming machinery

28.49.Z - Manufacture of other mechanical tools

28.91.Z - Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy

28.92.Z - Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction

28.93.Z - Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing

28.94.Z - Manufacture of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production

28.95.Z - Manufacture of machinery for paper and paperboard production

28.96.Z - Manufacture of machinery forworking rubber or plastics and for manufacture of the articles from these materials

28.99.Z - Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery notelsewhere classified

46.90.Z - Non-specialised wholesale trade

47.19.Z - Other retail sale in non-specialised stores

49.41.Z - Freight transport by road


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