KuroDetailing autoSPA & Detailing Kraków
ul. Stanisława Skarbińskiego 16/20, 30-071 Kraków
TAX ID6772377512
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KuroDetailing autoSPA & Detailing Kraków
TAX ID6772377512
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ul. Stanisława Skarbińskiego 16/20, 30-071 Kraków

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KuroDetailing AutoSPA & Detailing Tarnów

Skrzyszowska 6, 33-100 Tarnów

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KuroDetailing - Car cosmetics studio, car wash, auto SPA, Car Detailing, exclusive car cosmetics. We have been caring for your cars for years.

We work with the best specialist car workshops: - painting services, - removing scratches, - SMPA REPAIR repairs, - removing dents, - upholstery services, steering wheel trim - regeneration of fabric upholstery, - painting, skin varnishing, - glass services, replacement of glass - foil services glazing, dimming windows - vulcanization services, - electronic and electrical services (installation of parking sensors, photochromatic mirrors, anti-theft alarm systems) - XENON and HID light assembly, - air conditioning service, ozonation of the interior - we help you choose the right car chemistry and cosmetics

Our experience, knowledge and skills allow us to offer you professional services of the highest quality:

- safe car wash (we invite you to take advantage of the current care of your car, we guarantee the best resources, the safest materials, and the greatest experience in the field of professional car cosmetics in southern Poland guarantee that after visiting KuroDetailing you will never use another, normal car wash. , check and you'll find that safe car washing is exactly what you've been looking for!)

- preparing the car for sale (car rejuvenation process, ie regeneration of the skin, upholstery, plastics in the interior, varnish, rims, windows, reflectors)

- auto detailing and auto SPA (thorough cleaning and securing of literally ALL elements of the car)

- varnish correction, lacquer renovation, polishing car paint (many years of experience in car paint care in Małopolska - the largest arsenal of funds, a huge variety of polymers, natural and hybrid waxes, and the highest shelf among paints - quartz and ceramic coatings)

- car cleaning, car care (to confirm and guarantee the durability of our services, we invite you to take advantage of the only safe car wash in Krakow - no steam car wash or sponge car wash has anything to do with safe washing!)

- cleaning, upholstery washing, car upholstery restoration (the process of restoring the interior to the salon condition, multi-stage cleaning of the interior of your car will help him return to the state of perfect cleanliness, if the repair of the element is exhausted, we also offer upholstery aesthetic repairs - with perfect structure, color, type seam, thread thickness)

- protection of the whole car (a huge selection of ways to protect varnish, rims, windows, plastics, leather, upholstery, vinyl and plastic elements, depending on the preferences of the car owner - we help choose the perfect compromise between the best protection and budget)

- quartz and ceramic protective coatings for car paint (the highest shelf among protective coatings - as the only ones in Lesser Poland we have the resources, knowledge and appropriate experience to safely and guarantee maximum durability apply the best available - GTECHNIQ C1, C1.5, EXO coating)

- safe washing (trust us, our safe car wash is a guarantee of the pristine radiance of your car .We have knowledge, experience and tools that allow us to guarantee it! Buckets with sand separators, the most delicate carPro cleaning gloves on the market, shampoos with a neutral pH, completely safe for even the most delicate natural waxes, wafer towels, guaranteeing safe drying of the car, (every car is dried with a different, clean) and finally refreshing the car with a product that gives shine and slipperiness - all for safe washing! Safe car washing only at KuroDetailing !

- removing the coating after changing the color of the car (we know how to properly, safely and quickly remove the coating PLASTIDIP)

KuroDetailing is a known, proven and reliable brand - many clients from all over Poland have trusted us!

We guarantee the highest quality of services provided, while maintaining reasonable prices.

We place emphasis on educating drivers - we teach our clients how to take care of their cars by ourselves, we help in choosing the right resources and methods to make your car look its best, and you enjoyed every time you look at it!

We invite you to visit, the KuroDetailing team

KuroDetailing - the only such AutoSPA in southern Poland.

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SIMPLY CLEAN Michał Mazurek


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ul. Stanisława Przybyszewskiego 64j/3, 30-128 Kraków





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ul. Stanisława Przybyszewskiego 64j/3, 30-128 Kraków


Michał Mazurek

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