Shoe Care 24 sp. z o.o.
Ul. Chmielna 2 /31, 00-020 Warszawa
TAX ID5252673913
Phone+48 601 218 057
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Shoe Care 24 sp. z o.o.
TAX ID5252673913
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Ul. Chmielna 2 /31, 00-020 Warszawa

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+48 601 218 057


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The company exists since 1909, and the name Collonil is synonymous with the highest quality in the field of cleaning and skin care products and has been known for years around the world. Thanks to cooperation with leading producers, research on development and quality control system, Collonil produces innovative products at the highest level, tailored to the needs of the market and recipients. Thanks to large investments in new technologies, Collonil has significant achievements in the production of biodegradable products.

For many years, Collonil has been making products that are ahead of other brands. Already in 1962, an expedition to the Himalayas, which used the product Sport Wax, perfectly protecting shoes for climbing from moisture and softening the skin exposed to extreme conditions, provided Collonil with a leading position around the world. In 1980, Collonil became the first company to use organic ingredients and air instead of gas. The company was the first in the world to use in its products nanoparticles and Carbon active carbon technology, as well as natural ingredients such as olive oil, bamboo extract for the Organic line.

Collonil products are easy to use, efficient, have user-friendly sponges in caps, applicators to facilitate the application of cream, precise dosing pumps.

The company occupies leading positions in rankings and opinion polls, as the brand has an excellent reputation among users. All production takes place exclusively in Germany, in the residential district of Berlin Wittenau, has minimal impact on the environment, the products are ecological and environmentally friendly.

Collonil leads global distribution to over 100 countries on 5 continents. Is a leading company in many markets, 65% of production is intended for export. On a very demanding German market, the company has over 40% of shares.

Collonil produces a whole range of products for several market segments.

1909 Premium - jubilee product line, at the same time nostalgic and innovative. It perfectly prevents the aging of the skin, intended for footwear, bags, clothing and other leather goods. Specially selected composition and carefully combined care ingredients.

Classic - the largest group including aerosol impregnants, skin care creams, moisture protection agents, for the care and cleaning of smooth leather, suede, nubuck, textiles, synthetic leather, combined materials, for shoes and clothing, detergents for washing the skin, very universal application.

Nano - advanced products in the field of nanotechnology to protect footwear and clothing with High Tech membranes.

Organic - a new group of products, developed based on ecological requirements, friendly to the environment. These products contain 90% natural ingredients such as bamboo extract, olive oil, avocado olive oil, water-soluble ingredients, fast evaporating, renewable.

Outdoor Active - for use in sports and the outdoor segment, special impregnants to protect footwear and clothing from water, waterproof ingredients, intensely and effectively acting pastes, emulsions.

Special measures to protect clothing, bags, backpacks, leather shoes, textile materials and High Tech materials.

Liners - the line includes Gel Footbed, Gel Style and Sport Footbed for active and competitive sports, providing excellent foot cushioning and absorbing vibrations, insoles protecting against low temperatures Alu Therm, fleece winter fur liners Polar Exlusive, leather inserts made of the best skins, textile inserts BHP Soft.

Ped - products that solve various problems both inside and outside of shoes. Special measures such as Stretch and Color Stop help to eliminate the problem of shoe mismatches and dyeing. Measures such as Fresh & Clean refresh the shoes inside.


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We offer high quality shoe care products and accessories from the German company Collonil, the leader on the German market. The offer includes cleaning foams, pastes, impregnants, cleansers, shoe spoons, brushes, sponges for care, shoe inserts and shoelaces.

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