Nowa Wieś 16, 09-500 Gostynin
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TAX ID5571663937
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Nowa Wieś 16, 09-500 Gostynin

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Carsekt - Oddział Główny

Krośniewicka 25, 09-500 Gostynin

Carsekt - Oddział

Huta Palędzka 1, 88-300 Mogilno

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Based on advanced, modern technologies and methods developed by world-class scientists, it can be said that the services provided by the Carsekt branches are at the highest world level. See our certificates

The group of satisfied customers in all sectors of Carsekt's operations is systematically growing.

The company's traditions date back to 1987. Firma Carsekt Sp. z o. o. operates not only in Poland, but also on the world stage. It performs orders for many forwarding companies and exporters, thanks to which it is known in practically every major port in the world.

The professional experience of scientists from the Department of Entomology of Applied WULS-SGGW allowed the service plants of Carsekt Sp. z o. o. achieve unbelievable efficiency in combating wood pests . It would not be an involuntary fact not to mention the unparalleled effectiveness in the fight against the grasshopper beetle, glistering molder (Latin: Alphitobius diaperinus Panzer).

Employees of our company, as well as other professionals from the DDD industry, systematically improve their qualifications using the training conducted by the "grandmaster" of the world-famous entomologist (co-founder of the Carsekt Company) Mr. prof. dr hab. Stanisław Ignatowicz.

Firma CARSEKT Sp. z oo is also the author of the "Knowledge Mine" about pests appearing in our country, located at the Internet address. By creating a peculiar knowledge base about pests, we use our own knowledge and experience, supported by cooperation with the best experts in the field of entomology. We hope that the systematic information will help you know the problem and take appropriate steps in the fight against pests.

The editorial team of the "Knowledge Mine about Pests" includes, among others: • Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Ignatowicz • Mrs. Dr. Edyta Siemińska • Mr. dr inż. Paweł Olejarski • Mrs. dr inż. Aleksandra Wójcik • Mr. dr inż. Piotr Boruszewski • Mr. dr inż. Grzegorz Kowaluk • Mrs. Ewa Sady • Mr. Marcin Zacharenko MA • Mr. Tomasz Sobolewski • Mr. Andrzej Robert Karwowski More information:

We place great emphasis on providing information on wood pests and ways to effectively combat them. This is a response to a social problem that sleeps millions of people around the world. Not without significance is the fact that we are specialists in this field. Technical information about wood pests:

Firma Carsekt Sp. z o. o. is a leader in Poland in the field of pest control (xylophages).

As the only company in the country, we have developed and implemented methods to combat xylophages throughout the year, both in small-volume elements and in entire detached buildings. In May 2011, we signed a contract with Ameta Sp. z oo dealing with the implementation of ecological technologies. From that moment, ECOLOGICAL thermal disinfestation has been included in our offer using the SAURUS microwave system. More information about the SAURUS system:

We specialize in the field of pest control of wood (xylophages).

As the first and only in the country, we have developed and implemented methods to fight wood pests throughout the year, both in single wood products and in whole infected buildings. This is a response to a social problem that sleeps millions of people around the world. It is not easy to fight wood pests, therefore work should be carried out by a specialist and experienced company. Carsekt Sp. z o. o. has teams of qualified, trained specialists in Poland and Italy.

In 2013, Carsekt Sp. z oo as a legal entity - the company became a supporting member of the Polish Association of Building Mycologists. Our co-workers, also as independent specialists ( see certificates ) from 2012, belong to the PSMB Association ( information about PSMB ).

Also in 2013, we introduced the ozone disinfection service to the offer. The main factor influencing the extension of our offer with ozone services is the creation of a comprehensive offer in the field of pest control of wood by means of gas disinfestation (fumigation). Introducing the possibility of ozonizing objects will allow us to offer customers a quick return to natural conditions after the fumigation process (problem of chemical residues) and additionally increase the degree of sterility of the facility, thereby increasing the complexity of the service and minimizing the impact of chemical preparations.

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