Doradca Biznesowy Play Częstochowa
Okulickiego 42/44 lok.13, 42-200 Częstochowa
TAX ID5732241786
Phone+48 790 044 327
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Doradca Biznesowy Play Częstochowa
TAX ID5732241786
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Okulickiego 42/44 lok.13, 42-200 Częstochowa

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+48 790 044 327



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According to independent surveys carried out by UKE, Play customers pay the lowest phone bills.

We invite you to the only Play BOB Authorized Business Service Office in Częstochowa. This is a proposal of the Play mobile network aimed at providing business clients with comprehensive and professional service in the field of telecommunications solutions. Play Business Service Office: - proposes the simplest and most transparent on the market offer of mobile telephony services - ideal for business - provides offers not available in Play and online salons individually tailored to the company's needs, - offers a favorable maintenance offer, - deals with administrative matters (assignments, changes data, number transfer, complaints,

The office operates at ul. Okulickiego 42/44 lok.13 (entry from Łódzka Street) 10:00 -16: 00.


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I warmly welcome,

As a PLAY Adviser, I have in my offer not only telephone subscriptions with the latest phone models from all manufacturers, but also:

☑️Mobile Internet:

No speed limit, which means that the recipient has it, the range and equipment allows. The offer includes routers that allow you to achieve high download speeds and send data.

NetBox service- A targeted offer (and proven) for customers who have a coverage problem - they have offices, branches or their homes or holiday cottages outside the LTE range. Offer with an external antenna, which increases the range's range several times.

Now the service can be tested for 30 days for free and you can tell yourself if it is useful.

☑️Telefonia stationary:

Many of us have already forgotten about landlines, but some of our contractors prefer this form of contact. The stationary number also looks good on the website, business card or leaflet. He adds credibility to the company.

In PLAY, for just a few zlotys, you can have a stationary subscription with unlimited calls, the range is 500m from the place of first registration. However, if the demand is only for receiving calls, we have the previous number from PLN 1 - all you need to do is set a free call forwarding to your mobile phone in PLAY and the customer is within range of the landline number all the time!

☑️ Payment terms:

The tariff prepared in cooperation with First Data and Raiffeisen Polbank allows us to select individual offers tailored to the needs of the terminal's use. The service prices are very competitive to those that are on the market. Having a terminal in the company increases turnover, accelerates customer service, and MSC transaction fee from 0.69%.

☑️Virtual central unit:

Until now, the control panel was associated with a huge device, a lot of cables and thousands of zlotys spent on installation, service and maintenance.
Nothing more wrong. In PLAY, I propose a virtual PBX based on the GSM network, where we can freely combine call services, switching them, dialing, announcing, recording calls, displaying the main number, fax and many other services that until now required setting up a stationary headquarters.
The cost of the service is small, because the subscription for the central unit is only PLN 12.99 net!

I know from experience that the service is not only targeted at large companies, small businesses also find something for themselves and improve their service image and improve the quality of their services, because a connection that a person can not pick up can be forwarded to another employee.

There is a choice, there is a wide range of services. Feel free to contact me!

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ul. Kiedrzyńska 104/6, 42-215 Częstochowa





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ul. Kiedrzyńska 104/6, 42-215 Częstochowa

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ul. gen. Leopolda Okulickiego 42/44/13, 42-218 Częstochowa



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46.18.Z - Agents specialised in the sale of other particular products

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