Sowińskiego 25B, 44-122 Gliwice
TAX ID6482492587
Phone+48 32 420 73 75
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TAX ID6482492587
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Sowińskiego 25B, 44-122 Gliwice

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+48 32 420 73 75


About us

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InteXpc is a direct importer of electronic equipment, mainly computers, LCD monitors and post-leasing laptops. We have a strong market position in the import and sale of post-leasing computer devices, such as PCs, laptops, monitors, as well as components and computer accessories. We run both wholesale and retail sales. We supply, among others:

  • computer stores
  • school
  • hospitals
  • training companies
  • private enterprises

as well as thousands of individual clients.

Our goal is to meet the expectations of the customer and his complete satisfaction. Each equipment is thoroughly tested and tested by our technical department. We always give a guarantee for the equipment.

We strive to make our products characterized by high quality and low price. The wide range of our store allows you to choose equipment adequate to the customer's needs.


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We sell professionally refreshed looking like new laptops, PCs, monitors and accessories from top companies like DELL, HP, Lenovo, Apple.

We have a professional service for the business line

Welcome to

We focus on quality!

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ul. Konstantego Ciołkowskiego 20/1, 41-818 Zabrze





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sole proprietorship Registration Date


Register Address

ul. Konstantego Ciołkowskiego 20/1, 41-818 Zabrze

Addressing an additional place of business

ul. Sowińskiego 25B, 44-121 Gliwice



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Pkd codes

46.51.Z - Wholesale of computers, peripheral equipment and software

18.12.Z - Other printing

18.13.Z - Pre-press and pre-media services

18.14.Z - Binding and related services

33.14.Z - Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

33.19.Z - Repair and maintenance of other equipment

45.11.Z - Sale of cars and light motor vehicles

46.43.Z - Wholesale of electrical household appliances

46.45.Z - Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics

46.49.Z - Wholesale of other household goods

46.52.Z - Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts thereof

46.65.Z - Wholesale of office furniture

46.66.Z - Wholesale of other office machinery and equipment

46.69.Z - Wholesale of other machinery and equipment

47.89.Z - Retail sale via stalls and markets of other goods

47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

47.99.Z - Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

52.10.B - Warehousing and storage of other goods

62.01.Z - Computer programming activities

62.02.Z - Computer consultancy activities

62.03.Z - Computer facilities management activities

62.09.Z - Other information technology and computer service activities

63.11.Z - Data processing, hosting and related activities

63.12.Z - Web portals

63.91.Z - News agency activities

63.99.Z - Other information service activities not elsewhere classified

73.11.Z - Advertising agencies activities

73.12.C - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in electronic media (Internet)

73.12.D - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in other media

74.20.Z - Photographic activities

74.90.Z - Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified

77.11.Z - Rental and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles

77.33.Z - Rental and leasing of office machinery and equipment, including computers

82.11.Z - Office administrative service activities

82.92.Z - Packaging activities

95.21.Z - Repair and maintenance of consumer electronics

95.22.Z - Repair and maintenance of household appliances and home and garden equipment

96.02.Z - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment

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4/ 5.0
Based on 4 reviews
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Marek Wozniak 2022-03-25 05:49:49
I recommend quick implementation
Oktawian Konieczny 2021-10-03 19:33:01
I recommend fast delivery, wide offer as computer equipment is only Intexpc professional service
Michał Śx 2020-11-23 11:31:30
I sincerely advise against them - they put up for sale products marked as available in the warehouse, which they do not have and despite the fact that according to the regulations they are obliged to fulfill the offer, they demand a 20% prepayment, they are not sure whether they will have the goods - mockery. It is a waste of time for such companies
Marian Konieczny 2018-08-17 09:53:40
Recommended for fast efficient equipment class 1

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