Pomoc drogowa Gorzów ANHOL
Rzeźnicka 1, 66-440 Skwierzyna
TAX ID5961204640
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Pomoc drogowa Gorzów ANHOL
TAX ID5961204640
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Rzeźnicka 1, 66-440 Skwierzyna

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Road assistance Gorzów Wlkp. ANHOL is a company providing services in the field of road rescue. We offer towing of oversized vehicles, pulling the truck out of the roadside and putting on the roadway crown. Our tow trucks handle all passenger car events. We also offer transport of agricultural vehicles, motorcycles, quads, etc.

The ANHOL company is one of the largest companies in the province Lubuskie. Our qualified team of professionals in conjunction with the professional equipment they have is able to do any task on the road. Tugs, car transporters, low-loaders, cranes and even military vehicles used in very difficult conditions. The Anhol company operates the S3 road, the A2 motorway, A10 in Germany. Roadside assistance based in Gorzów Wielkopolski serves the entire city constantly monitoring, which allows us to reach the place of the incident very quickly and execute the order. Our specialties are: pulling the truck out of the trench, emergency opening of the car, emergency firing on the cables, delivery of fuel to the place of stopping, emergency draining of fuel from the tank. We invite you to use our services. Sure, fast, cheap! ANHOL

602 793 389 CALL and we will help you.

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Agnieszka Kuś - Ratownictwo Drogowe "ANHOL"


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Poznańska 22, 66-440 Skwierzyna





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sole proprietorship

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Poznańska 22, 66-440 Skwierzyna

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ul. Rzeźnicka 1, 66-440 Skwierzyna


Agnieszka Kuś

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