NYSKA 13/9, 48-200 PRUDNIK
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TAX ID7551798374
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NYSKA 13/9, 48-200 PRUDNIK

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Health and safety training with Health and Safety

TEL 697 700 798 Łukasz Kamiński

48-200 Prudnik ul. Nyska 13/9

OHS Życie brings together specialists in the field of occupational health and safety, fire safety and emergency medical services. Our experts have many years of professional experience and excellent substantive and didactic preparation.

Training in fire protection is carried out on a fire simulator using real fire. We demonstrate fires from group A, B, C, F, explosion of a pressure vessel and fire of oil. Our simulation device meets the requirements of applicable legal and environmental regulations, and is completely safe.

During the training you will have the opportunity to go through a tent simulating a smoky room in which there are evacuation signs, extinguish the fire of flammable liquids, combustible gases, and solid fires. Our lecturers will teach employees how to efficiently evacuate the facility, how to use hand-held firefighting equipment, how to route the hose line from the hydrant cabinets and the principles of smooth firefighting in the face of fire.

Thanks to such organized training, we will build employees' awareness that skilful and decisive behavior gives a 100% chance to extinguish the fires in the bud.

As part of the services provided by BHP Życie, we offer you:

· Initial and periodic training,

· Training in the field of fire fighting and evacuation of employees of KP 209

· First aid training KP 209

· Organize safety days in for companies, offices, businesses and institutions

· Risk assessment,

· Consultations and help in the development of operating instructions for machinery and equipment in the field of occupational safety,

· Development and implementation of the Fire Safety Instruction

· Adapting the facility to fire protection requirements. (marking, location of extinguishers, determination of escape routes)

The offers of our services are available in downloadable files

tel. 697 700 798

tel. 781 090 932

We invite you to visit our website where a fire simulator is presented, and to get acquainted with other offers proposed by our company.

Safe work wishes Health and Safety.

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BHP Życie Łukasz Kamiński


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ul. Nyska 13/9, 48-200 Prudnik





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ul. Nyska 13/9, 48-200 Prudnik


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