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TAX ID6450009398
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+48 602 155 361



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PW "TransLis" - Transport services, fuel sales, international transport

  • Tel. 602-155-361
  • fax: 32 273 73 49

42-672 Wieszowa, Wolności 21, province Silesian

[email protected]

Company description

Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe TransLis was founded in 1993. The main directions of our company's activity are coal trading and road transport.

TransLis offers in its sale mainly coal and its derivatives, energy mixes and eco-peas for retort furnaces with low emission of harmful substances for the environment, which is obtained in the process of mechanical processing of coal. From the beginning, the company strives to deliver to large customers in the energy and heating industry, but also for individual customers. The company has its own fuel depots in the Śląskie and Opolskie voivodships.

TransLis joined the Authorized Sellers of the Polish Mining Group, Tauron Wydobycie (formerly Południowy Koncern Węglowy) and Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. He also deals with wholesale of imported coal from LS POLAND Sp. z oo ul. Murarska 21 in Zduńska Wola, selling high-quality Russian coal in the full range of assortments and grades in the company's offer mainly in Southern Poland. It guarantees its customers first of all the high quality of the delivered assortment, timely deliveries, convenient payment terms and the possibility of implementing any size of delivery.

The TransLis car fleet currently consists of 100 tarpaulin dump trucks. This allows you to bring about 3000 tons of cargo a day to anywhere in the country. The fleet is adapted to transport loose materials such as coal, coke, road aggregates, sand, earth, grain, corn, rape. We do not allow contamination of the cargo entrusted to us, which we always deliver on time to the destination. Our company has an internal vehicle control system, which allows to maintain the total security of the transported goods from the place of loading to the place of unloading the goods. We provide transport services both within the country and abroad.

In 2001, along with other Silesian companies, TransLis Enterprise invested in the launch of the first Private Mine in Poland. With transport facilities, storage facilities and experience in the sale of coal, our company began to distribute coal.

In 2005, the TRANSLIS Company was established, with Malwina Lis-Baron as its President.

Putting on professionalism and reliability, we can boast of long-term cooperation with heat and power plants such as:

- TAURON Polska Energia SA (ZW Tychy, ZW Kamienna Góra, EL Siersza, EL Łaziska, EL Łagisza, EL Jaworzno III)

- PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA (branch in Rybnik)

The continuous development of the company has enabled the expansion of new halls, where we sack ekogroszek to be able to meet the needs of customers who have retort boilers. We have baggers, crushers and screening machines so that we can guarantee proper granulation by measuring the exact quantity of the assortment being sold. All our scales have appropriate certificates of legalization.

In 2017, Henryk Lis became a 100% shareholder of GWAREX Polska Sp. z oo - a coal processing plant with a heap in Bukowie. The company recovers coal from mine heaps thanks to professional technology, which consists in selecting on the wet screens a feed with a granulation of 0-50 mm, which is subjected to the enrichment process. Recovery of coal is not a process that is inconvenient for the environment or harmful to the environment, the more that they were located far away from human settlements.

Since 2018, TransLis has direct access to the railway siding at the Toszek Północ station, thanks to which it can offer, on favorable terms, rail transport services for whole train sets or individual wagons. Specialized equipment enables immediate loading or unloading of wagons, as well as delivery of collected coal to the address indicated, thanks to which the company is able to satisfy the most demanding customer.

Our company can meet the most demanding clients with its reliability and professionalism.

We are full of hope that putting professionalism first, we can become a trustworthy company in your eyes and able to meet your requirements.


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Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe "TRANSLIS" Henryk Lis w spadku


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ul. Wolności 21, 42-672 Wieszowa





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ul. Wolności 21, 42-672 Wieszowa

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ul. Dworcowa, 42-672 Wieszowa


Henryk Lis

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