Helios Advertising Łukasz Kapusta
Biechów 99, 28-133 Pacanów
TAX ID6551785690
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Helios Advertising Łukasz Kapusta
TAX ID6551785690
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Biechów 99, 28-133 Pacanów

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The SITODRUKOWY company has been on the market since 2011. We specialize in printing advertising on textiles.

Silk-screen printing workshop SITODRUKOWY Printing on fabrics and knitted fabrics Printing on patterns and ready-made clothing Printing on T-shirts and Polo Printing on workwear. Offer of marks.
  • screen printing

Screen printing is the oldest method of marking, it consists of applying paint directly to the fabric by pressing it through professionally prepared matrices. The next stage is the thermal fixation of the print. Screen printing is cost-effective at high volumes because each color is printed separately, so you must prepare a new matrix for each color. Screen printing is the cheapest solution for large expenditures.

  • transfer silk screen printing

Thermal transfer printing is done similarly to screen printing, the difference is that the imprint is printed on a sheet of transport paper, not on a fabric. The thermal transfer printing has a layer of glue thanks to which it is applied on fabrics, clothing and patterns. Thermal transfer printing allows you to put it in unusual places (pockets, flaps, sleeves, etc.). The print made with this method is durable, perfectly concealed and its surface is perfectly smooth.

  • sublimation

Sublimation printing is a type of printing white polyester substrates. The printout is made with special inks on transfer paper, and then, under high pressure and temperature, it is transferred to a polyester material. It is a process in which the dye moves from solid to gaseous state, and then penetrates into the interior of the dyed material and permanently binds to it, thus ensuring high print quality resistant to abrasion and weather conditions

  • flock

Flock is a viscose material covered with a "nap" with a layer of glue. Like flex, it is a thermotransfer method based on applying a cut logo on fabrics. Profitability at low cost, the ability to mark from one piece.


Subliflock is a viscose material covered with a "nap" with a layer of glue. This material gives the opportunity to reproduce a full color logo with tonal transitions, photographs. It is a method that complements the basic flock color range.

  • flex

Flex is a thin smooth film with a layer of glue. The print pattern is cut out on the plotter, the film is welded into the fabric at high temperature using a special press. We have foils in a wide range of colors with different technological parameters, thanks to which they can be applied on any type of substrate, from cotton to membrane fabrics. Prints made with this method are durable and have vivid colors and perfect surface coverage. Another advantage is the cost-effectiveness at low cost, the ability to mark from one piece.


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manufacturer, distributor, service provider

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Biechów 72b, 28-133 Biechów





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sole proprietorship

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Biechów 72b, 28-133 Biechów

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Biechów 72b, 28-133 Biechów



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Pkd codes

18.12.Z - Other printing

13.30.Z - Finishing of textiles

13.92.Z - Manufacture of made-up textile articles

13.96.Z - Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles

13.99.Z - Manufacture of other textiles notelsewhere classified

14.12.Z - Manufacture of workwear

14.13.Z - Manufacture of other outerwear

14.14.Z - Manufacture of underwear

14.19.Z - Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories

14.39.Z - Manufacture of other knitted and crocheted apparel

18.13.Z - Pre-press and pre-media services

26.11.Z - Manufacture of electronic components

27.40.Z - Manufacture of electric lighting equipment

27.90.Z - Manufacture of other electrical equipment

43.21.Z - Electrical installation

46.16.Z - Agents involved in the sale of textiles, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods

46.19.Z - Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods

46.41.Z - Wholesale of textiles

46.42.Z - Wholesale of clothing and footwear

46.43.Z - Wholesale of electrical household appliances

46.44.Z - Wholesale of china, ceramics and glassware and cleaning materials

46.47.Z - Wholesale of furniture, carpets and lighting equipment

46.52.Z - Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts thereof

46.75.Z - Wholesale of chemical products

47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

63.12.Z - Web portals

70.21.Z - Public relations and communication activities

73.11.Z - Advertising agencies activities

73.12.A - Intermediation in the sale of time and place on advertising aims in the radio and television

73.12.B - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in printed media

73.12.C - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in electronic media (Internet)

73.12.D - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in other media

74.20.Z - Photographic activities

82.92.Z - Packaging activities

95.29.Z - Repair of other personal and household goods

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