Company profile confirmation

Confirmation of profile? Why is it important?

We confirm companies to ensure a high level of security for other companies using Aleo.

How to confirm a company profile?

1. To confirm your company profile, make 1 PLN transfer from your company account.
The transfer must be from the company account as from another account confirmation cannot be provided.

2. The account number to which you have to transfer 1PLN can be found on My office in the left hand column.
This individual business account number for your company, is needed to determine who transferred money.
The company will be verified in 2 working days from the date of the transfer.
1 PLN will be credited to your account. Therefore, it will not be invoiced.

Corporate clients of ING Bank Slaski

If you are an ING customer, submit an application to ING Business Online and after acceptance, go to Aleo.